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The Koi Collection features luxurious handcrafted cushions filled with Canadian grown organic buckwheat hulls. These stunning pieces of art feature a Koi Fish design and are available in round cushions, cylindrical bolsters and throw pillows. All pieces are made to order, with a delivery time of 1-2 weeks. Add an extra touch of tranquility to your meditation space with the Koi Collection.

Koi Collection

expect to ship 1-2 weeks
  • Small Round Cushion: 4"x12"x three pounds.

    Medium Round Cushion: 5"x14"x five pounds.

    Large Round Cushion: 6"x16"x seven pounds.

    Small Bolster: 8"x16"x four pounds.

    Medium Bolster: 8"x18"x six pounds.

    Large Bolster: 8"x20"x eight pounds.

    Extra Large Bolster: 8"x24"x ten pounds.

    Kapok Stuffed Pillows: 16"x23", 20"x20", 26"x26"

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