Batik in Claret & Gold

Limited Edition Cushion cut from Velvet & stuffed with fluffy organic buckwheat hulls which are grown in Canada. 


Round Travel Cushion:  weighs three pounds and sits four inches high & twelve inches wide. 

Round Regular Cushion: weighs five pounds and sits five inches high & fourteen inches wide.

Round Large Cushion: weighs seven pounds and sits six inches high & sixteen inches wide. Made to Order

Travel Bolster: weighs four pounds and sits seven inches high & sixteen inches long. Made to Order

Regular Bolster: weighs six pounds and sits seven inches high & eighteen inches long. Made to Order

Large Bolster: weighs eight pounds and sits seven inches high & twenty inches long. Made to Order

Extra Large Bolster: weighs ten pounds and sits seven inches high & twentytwo inches long. Made to Order


    As with any handmade item, sizing will vary slightly with the variety of material I work with. I stand behind the quality of my work, therefore all orders are final sale but if something isn't right, please let me know. 


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